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When you’ve been involved in a work-related accident, you’ll be asked to complete various forms and answer many questions about the incident. At Krug & Zupke, P.C., we help our clients prepare for situations such as this with expert advice and counsel. We thoroughly investigate each claim to ensure that all the details are correct.

Typically, the human resources department of your employer contacts your insurer who will ask you to provide a statement as it pertains to the accident. It’s likely that they will not take the extra step to confirm all of the details. This is where Krug & Zupke, P.C. can help. Our team diligently works on your behalf to assess the situation and get the worker’s compensation benefits you deserve.

Know Your Rights

One of the first thoughts that people have when suffering from a work-related accident is how they will support themselves and their family financially. Thankfully, Minnesota’s worker’s compensation laws were designed to protect workers in cases like these. Benefits are distributed to help cover disability, rehabilitation, medical expenses, and wage loss.

Speaking with one of our attorneys during a free consultation will help you understand all of these nuances. Don’t risk being denied or underpaid for your claim. Contact our office today to schedule your free and confidential consultation today.

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Workers Compensation Disability

Common Workplace Injuries Include:

  • Injuries to the neck and lower back
  • Burns, soft-tissue damage and bone fractures
  • Severe injuries related to the brain or spinal column
  • Paralysis and/or amputations
  • Injuries to joints of the knees, wrists, elbows, and shoulders due to repetitive motions
  • Exposure to harsh conditions or chemicals resulting in health problems

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